Welcome back to the Meert nest…
While MaxiMeert took it easy in bed, MiniMeert took in steezy (style/easy) and gave us a wicked lesson on Skate!

Ride, Steezy, Mongol, Regular, Goofy, Street… these are some of the terms used in skateboarding.
He explained the history of skate from the west coast surfers to the east coast NY streets along with the different styles and the rules, which are many!
We watched him demonstrate a virtual skating game on the screen and many cool youtube moovies on skate.
The most amazing was this Japanese one, revolutionary because its not just a standard skate video but they play with the codes: the fish eye lens, the dress code, the colours, use crazy props but most importantly they bend loads of skating rules: skating mongol style, putting two feet down etc…
So it seems the Japanese are the most innovative for the moment not only because they break rules but mainly because they are taking advantage of Japan’s urban and futuristic architecture and inventing new tricks around it.

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