July travels bring inspiration and research with the visit of the cities of Bologna, Ferrara and Venezia.

Lili Reynaud Dewar’s curtains at Clearing, Brussels – Bolognas’ buildings with coloured netting and faded blinds, flag choreography at Ferrara’s Palio.


Jean-marc Vantourhoudt’s photographic series on architecture at Wunderkammer in Ferrara, shibory workshop during my artist residency in Ferrara (Labod’arte), the cities’ concealed paintings, protected churches and scaffolding.


Ferrara’s netted churches and velvet curtains, a painting at the beautiful “Proportio” exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny in Venise, painted curtain installation by Katharina Grosse at the Arsenale.


Izhar Patkin’ painted net curtain and 1632 painting of ghostly characters, both at Palazzo Fortuny, Adam Pendleton’s silkcreened installation at the Belgian Pavilion, Glenn Ligon’s black silkscreened text and Oscar Murillo’s dirty canvas in the Arena pavilion.


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