Modo Bruxellae: Brussels fashion designer trail

Every two years during the same period and over three consecutive days, the Modo-Bruxellae Designers’ Trail invites the public to visit a large number of exhibition spaces to view the work of Brussels fashion designers and fashion brands, grouped around a central information and starting point.

This year +nurse+ is at Boomba’s hairdressing parlour with a window display.

Opening on friday 24th with a sound performance by Frédérique Franke.

Modo-bruxellae 2008: +NURSE+

***** The opening *****

Boomba posing before her hair-dressing parlour and +nurse+ window display.

Shibory died silk dress with hair silkscreen-print and woolen cloak/coat with arm silkscreen-print.

Frédérique getting a haircut before setting the evening off….

Meanwhile, Boomba gives haircuts… drinks flow… minimal techno… friends come round…


Modo-bruxellae 2006: NURSE & DANIEL HENRY
“Souvenir de Bruxelles / Souvenir van Brussel”



Nurse and Daniel Henry collaborated for this project and showed in the shop window of Plaizier, a lovely family business specialized in postcards and books relating to Brussels, Belgium, architecture and monuments, usually whith a touch of surrealism and sweet nostalgia. We chose to work on images of Brussels’ modernist buildings which have either been pulled down or renovated to change their aspect (Martini tower, Lotto tower, Berlaymont, Atomium, Ravenstein gallery, Finance tower…).

We printed a series of handkerchieves and silk scarves, sometimes with a recognisable image, which at othertimes was blown up to a large scale and used in a more abstract way.
The window installation included a poster, a book and postcards of the modernist buildings edited by Plaizier.


Lotto tower, 2006
silkscreen & shibory on cotton handkerchief
Daniel Henry and Nurse

“Berlaymont”, 2006
silkscreen & shibory on silk scarf
Daniel Henry and Nurse

“atomium – shibory”, 2006
silkscreen & shibory on cotton handkerchief
Daniel Henry and Nurse

Modo-bruxellae 2004: +NURSE+
“The triumph of strength”

A serie of printed vintage slips, featuring the female characters Cinopé, Penthesilae, Judith, Yaël. figures extracted from a 16th c tapestry “The triumph of strength”.
This project was the result of a grant and residency at the tapestry foundation in Tournai, Belgium.

‘The Triumph of Fortitude’, c1525, Flemish.

Nurse was nominated for the Modo-prize: her female warriors marched the catwalk

accessories: Isabelle Azaïs
photos: E. Tordoir

Modo-bruxellae 2002: +NURSE+
“Love is battlefield”

Window installation at Underwear and photo shoot.

Photos: L. Poma

Following the designer trail, +Nurse+ garnments were sold at Underwear, and later acquired and worn by Belgian musician and singer Axelle Red for her nomination at the NRJ Awards 2003 and Victoires de la musique 2003.

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  1. jell says:

    Great blog. Love the printing. Look forward to next show.
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  2. The prints are great. Hope to see pictures for the 2009 event.