MayoMortadella Sandwich

Boil the chicorea, drain and fry in pan with oil, garlic and peperoncino.
Take a slice of bread, spread with butter, a slice of mortadella, put the chicorea on top and coat with a heavy layer of mayonnaise.

3 Responses to “MayoMortadella Sandwich”

  1. Abeille says:

    ça a l’air trop bon…..

  2. Absolutley awesome art Rob!!!!!!!!!! I’m back in Scotland hanging out with Joshua who’s 12 now…can I find ya? I’m really impressed with your work, but not surprised becuase I’ve always known your creative. Look me up girl……Hope all is well! All’s good on this end! Peace

  3. Abeille, hi I’m trying to find Roberta, and commented on your comment thinking it may get to her…could you help me conttact her…I’d love to catch up with her….we’re old pals…thank you!!!!

    Jessica Lannon from USA