Fish Lasagna

Another Mr Miss delicacy, Salmon & Shrimp lasagna… Easy!
I sneaked into his kitchen and did some spying….

Boil salmon in a little stock (here we used the water from cooking green beens) and cut into little pieces.
Get 200 gr of shrimp out of fridge and dice some mozzarella into little cubes.
Make a bechamel sauce. Slice 2 courgettes and fry gently with some garlic, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.
Put a little bechamel at the bottom of an oven dish and spread a few sheets of lasagne (if your using dry lasagna then soak for 1mn in boiling water, if fresh, then it’s not necessary). Start building the lasagna: a layer of courgette and mozzarella + bechamel, salmon and shrimp, then a layer of lasagna. You need to put a good amount of bechamel otherwise it’ll be too dry, if you want a lighter version with not too much bechamel, you can add some soya cream to the layers.
Finish with some grated cheese and cook for 20 – 30mn in hot oven, check the cooking is ok then grill to finish nicely.

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